Market Creations, Geraldton

Cossack Old Gaol House

The restoration of the historic Cossack Old Gaol House, Police Quarters and Cook House was a challenging project with every effort being made while completing the works to match the existing building, both in materials and process. The feature stone throughout these buildings required removal of previously poor re-pointing attempts, followed by replacement. Prior to the commencement of this work, a sample of the original mortar was taken and analysed to ascertain the materials used, with these materials being replicated in the mortar for the new pointing work. Restoration work to the exterior eaves and roof preserved a sound structure and maintained the aesthetic appeal of the buildings. The windows were refurbished throughout, along with a range of joinery that was fabricated to the original design, as depicted in historical photographs. The buildings were also painted with lime-based paints, extensively used on the stonework, again to achieve an appearance mirroring the original.

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