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Carnarvon Heritage Group

One Mile Jetty Interpretive Centre

The construction of the One Mile Jetty Interpretive Centre is a state of the art building, housing many priceless museum artefacts and amazing photographs of Carnarvon at the beginning of the 20th century. The museum is an important building in Carnarvon, and houses offices, public toilets and new station platform.                                                                              

The modern design by Eastman Poletti Sherwood is modern, fits into the spectacular location on the

Mouth of the Gascoyne River and alongside the historic One Mile Jetty. Modern techniques of tilt panel, steel, timber and original construction of handrails and re-location of the railway track to a station platform are some of the standout features of the building.

Being approximately 450 km from GBSC’s main office, the project management of the construction phase required detailed and organised management processes and skills. Effective communication between contractors and the client were required to ensure accurate procurement and delivery of materials for the Centre to be completed on time and more importantly on budget.

Site management was undertaken by GBSC’s Kain Sermon, who relocated to Carnarvon to oversee all elements of the project. Kain’s keen eye for detail, focus on safety, management of contractors and trades enabled the project to run smoothly. Working closely with the project administrators, Kain and the GBSC team were able to complete the construction of the building using a diverse range of materials and techniques.

The building is designed as a tourist attraction, comprising of a commercial kitchen and cafeteria-style restaurant, museum viewing facility, theatre room, museum restoration workshop, a controlled-environment storage area, offices, ablutions and outside seating and decking. GBSC always strives to provide a high quality and on budget project for all clients and the Carnarvon One Mile Jetty Interpretive Centre is no exception.

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