Boolardy Station, Murchision WA

A Homestead Rich with History and Hard Work

Built in the 1870s Murchison’s Boolardy Homestead was established with mud, stone, branches, blood, sweat and tears. When GBSC were approached by CSIRO to restore the Homestead, the building was in poor condition and falling apart. The roof was rotted, the plumbing was ruined and a new build was required. As a heritage listed building, GBSC were required to tackle the project a little differently…

Located in the remote outback of Western Australia, the GBSC team restored the property in under eight months. The team of eight braved the harsh summer conditions and pulled everything element apart for days on end. This resulted in the team having a firm understanding of how the Homestead was built and allowed them to recreate the property. Because the Homestead was heritage listed, the GBSC team used materials which were only available in the 1870s – a first for many in today’s modern landscape.

What is now in the Homestead’s place is a home rich with history, comfort and distinction. The family who live in the Homestead now have a functional home with an efficient plumbing system, walls, ceiling, doors, windows, air conditioning and tiling. Learn more about our property maintenance & repair services.

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Outside of the building (before) Roof of building (before)


Outside of building (after) Inside of building (after)